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What is Hammer Of Pain?

This pixelated 2D platformer immerses you into the grim corners of the Middle Ages,

where the once vibrant spark of life has been replaced by the cold shadow of madness.

The Gameplay

In Hammer of pain, you will play as the blacksmith Silver and his daughter Nora Fight a variety of creatures. Unique enemies with their own pattern of behavior. Learn the attacks of the enemies and destroy them all. Collect various valuables and improve your character as you progress through the game. Explore the nooks and crannies of the kingdoms of Arkon and Riven, learn all their secrets, and try not to plunge into darkness.

History of our World

Step into a realm where the past and legend are inseparably blended, and delve into the existences of the smith Silver and Nora. They embody the spirit of this game, vibrant and full of life characters, their narratives and trials captivating, their destinies moving the profound chords of the heart.

Every stride you take in this game unravels a new facet of this astonishing tale. Decipher the web of enigmas in the kingdoms, probe into the most concealed crevices of Arkon and Riven territories. Here, every fragment, every leaf has a tale to tell, and all are eager for your exploration.

Unearth a world where folklore and reality converge into a single entity, where the then and now are tightly woven together. Delve into the hidden truths, submerged in the flow of time. In the realm of Hammer Of Pain, each instant uncovers a fresh chapter, each move unveils new revelations. Are you prepared to tread this journey and learn the full narrative of Silver and Nora?

Combat system "Click-and-Hold"

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Learn to master your strikes. Hold the key and release it at the moment when the world stands still in anticipation. Your blows can shatter stone and cleave the wind, obliterating all enemies in your path. But power is only one side of the coin. In a world where danger lurks at every turn, the ability to react swiftly and dodge at the decisive moment becomes the key to survival. Evade enemy strikes, glide smoothly between the streams of arrows, avoid traps.

More than 129+ different quests

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Enter a world where history and legend intertwine into one, and immerse yourself in the lives of the blacksmith Silver and his daughter Nora. They are the soul of this game, lively and vivid characters, their stories and challenges mesmerizing and their fates touching the deepest strings of the soul. Unravel the tangle of mysteries of the kingdoms, look into the most hidden corners of the lands of Arkon and Riven.

4 different locations with their own puzzles

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Your daughter has vanished into the darkness of this world, leaving behind nothing but echoes of her memories. You are to navigate through myriad trials to decipher her fate and unravel the ghostly threads of history that led to the collapse of kingdoms. Each step you take will be an imprint on the bloody annals of history, each leap - a desperate reach for hope in the abyss of despair. You'll face intricate puzzles, intriguing quests, and clashes with creatures dwelling in this insane world.

Stylish, hand-drawn pixel art

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Meet a world where every pixel has been carefully hand-drawn, bringing Hammer Of Pain's unique style to life. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Every pixel reflects the hard work, love and passion put into this game. Here you will find a world where light and darkness battle for dominance, creating extraordinarily colorful and vivid scenes. Enjoy every moment, every glance, every step in this uniquely hand-painted world.

Interesting and exciting plot

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Discover a world where myth and reality merge into one, where past and present are closely intertwined. Discover the secrets, drowned in time. In the world of Hammer Of Pain each moment opens a new chapter, each step leads to new discoveries. Are you ready to walk this path and discover the full extent of Silver and Nora's story?

Various NPCs with their own history

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Embark on a journey where you will face a diverse world of creatures, from the undead lurking in the shadows to bandits roaming the wilderness. You'll encounter forest beasts whose eyes glow with wild power and survival instinct. Magical beasts that lurk in the depths of forgotten places. Plants that threaten even the bravest traveler. In each battle, you will improve your skills, learning more and more about this world and those who inhabit it.